Sustainable Economy

With the topic of Sustainable Economy, the EUKI supports projects that, for example, focus on climate-friendly circular economies, sustainable tourism, responsible financing methods, support structures for green startups, or climate action in the healthcare sector. Initiatives and associations that concentrate on improving the policy framework for the economy are also supported. 


Companies play a prominent role in climate action, as they bear significant responsibility for establishing sustainable and future-proof products and processes that reduce negative impacts on climate and environment. Good climate policy supports them at all levels. The success of companies is evident when sustainable products and processes become competitive, securing companies’ future viability in the ongoing transformation. 

EUKI projects strengthening a Sustainable Economy in Europe

A central tool of the EU is the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), aiming at advancing the decarbonization of the European industry. The environmentally friendly design of products (Ecodesign) contributes significantly to continuously improving the energy and resource efficiency of products.

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