Just Transition 

The EUKI supports projects focussing on a Just Transition in Europe that address the challenges of structural change and develop forward-looking ideas, such as providing training to young people for green entrepreneurship in Europe’s coal mining regions. 

Winding tower of a coal mine

For effective climate action, greenhouse gas emissions must decrease as quickly as possible. However, the associated transformation must be designed with social justice in mind. The EU has set the goal to be climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest. Therefore, phasing out the use of fossil coal is a crucial step. Especially in Europe’s coal mining regions, this entails a profound transformation. To ensure a transition to a sustainable and future-proof economy in these regions, both social and economic challenges need to be addressed.

EUKI projects strengthening a Just Transition in Europe

At the EU level, the European Commission has established the Just Transition Fund (JTF) as part of the European Green Deal. The JTF is intended to be used particularly to provide individual assistance to areas most affected by the transition to climate neutrality. This includes, for example, promoting green investments in small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing new businesses, research and innovation, environmental remediation, clean energy, further education and reskilling of workers, assistance in job searches, and the active integration of job seekers, as well as the transformation of existing CO₂-intensive facilities if these investments lead to significant emission reductions and job protection. The EU Modernisation Fund also provides resources for the just transition of coal mining regions.

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