Key Topics

The projects work on the topics of Sustainable Economy, Awareness, Energy, Mobility, Cross-cutting Climate Policy, Climate-Proof Finance, Buildings and Municipalities.


Pilot trainings within the project entitled „EDINA – Energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban areas”

EDINA – Improving Energy Efficiency in Revitalisation

Training sessions on the energy efficiency of private buildings for representatives of local municipalities, property managers, and housing communities from cities, where municipal revitalisation programs was established or where subsidy programs support the renovation of private residential buildings.

EUKI Interview: Mainstreaming Sustainable Buildings in Europe

We spoke with Aleksandar Jelovac, Ana Šenhold und Marko Markic from EUKI project “Retrofit HUB”. The project focuses on advancing energy retrofit of buildings in Croatia, Poland and Hungary.


Revitalisation Academy – Web Seminar Series: Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Districts, Cities and Funding Issues – Summary by Edina Project

The EDINA project team organised a Spring Webinar session on energy efficiency „Revitalisation Academy – energy efficiency of buildings, districts, cities and funding issues (Web Seminar Series)” to approach EU goals for climate neutrality.

Setting the Course for Heat Transition

The Polish Ministry of Climate set up a team with the aim to developed the “heat transition strategy”. In this team, the EUKI project “Clean Heat” carried out by Forum Energii was permanently represented with one person and could contribute significantly to the strategy. The concept envisages, among other things, that by 2030 around 1.5 million heat pumps are to be installed as a renewable energy source for heat production.

Clear Air in Poland

Studies, reports but also intensive discussions of the EUKI project “Forum Energii” with stakeholders helped to put the idea of stopping coal combustion in domestic heating systems by 2030 as a priority on the political agenda in Poland. Morover, during the COVID-19 crisis period, 13 webinars with over 1400 participants contributed to this.


Allocating EU Funds in CEE: A webinar

Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality

EUKI project “Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality” organised a Web Seminar about recommendations on money expenditures from a climate perspective. Examples were presented by every country representative.

294 Energy Scouts Qualified in 2021 – A Brief Review

Young Energy Europe 2.0

The Young Energy Europe project qualifies Energy Scouts across Europe to advance corporate climate protection. In 2021, 294 Energy Scouts from 108 companies have successfully completed the Young Energy Europe training.

Energy Security in Europe – National Perspectives Part 1: Poland

The Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, the resulting rise in prices of fossil fuels and Russia’s gas supply freeze to Poland have once again underscored the dilemma facing Europe’s energy supply. How is Poland dealing with the current energy crisis and what are the national strategies to secure the country’s energy supply?

Socially Just Carbon Pricing Policies in CEE

Improving understanding of how to price carbon in the transport and building sectors in Poland and Romania in a socially just manner.

Sustainable Finance for Industry Decarbonisation

Advancing industrial decarbonisation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.