Ambitious energy legislation to reduce the use of coal in private heating systems

The project raises awareness of air and environmental pollution in Poland. The specific goal is to ban coal from private heating systems.

CLIKIS – Climate friendly Kitchen in Schools

The CLIKIS project disseminates approaches and measures for climate-friendly school meals in Poland.

This report discusses matters of “climate finance” in Poland and their relevance for achieving the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

Briefing: A Just Transition of European Coal Regions: Assessing Stakeholder Positions Towards the Transition Away from Coal

This briefing offers a deep dive into the positioning of key stakeholders as well as opportunities and challenges for a transition away from coal in some of Europe’s most coal-dependent regions: Ústecký kraj (Czech Republic), Western Macedonia (Greece), Upper Silesia (Poland), Horná Nitra (Slovakia) and Obilić (Kosovo). It aims to serve as background for necessary political and policy decisions surrounding a phase-out from coal.

Download PDF (742.47 KB)

Accelerating the Energy Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe and Learning from the German Experience