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solar panel watering a agricultural field

45 young people from the Balkan countries in the Albanian Energy Lab

Forty-five young people from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Serbia participated in the meeting, with the aim of networking among young people and providing opportunities for sharing ideas, knowledge, best practices from the renewable energy sector.

Pilot trainings within the project entitled „EDINA – Energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban areas”

Training sessions on the energy efficiency of private buildings for representatives of local municipalities, property managers, and housing communities from cities, where municipal revitalisation programs was established or where subsidy programs support the renovation of private residential buildings.

Youth Activists against the Climate Crisis

As the climate crisis becomes one of the most important global challenges, it’s crucial to involve young people in building solutions and working towards positive change. The Climate Heroes project provides young people in Central and Eastern Europe with knowledge and supports them in starting their own environmental initiatives.

Hungarian EUKI Community Conference 5 & 6 October 2022

CEEweb for Biodiversity and the EUKI Academy organise a Community Conference in Hungary to discuss current and future challenges to the Hungarian green transition with Hungarian and German representatives.

Revitalisation Academy – Web Seminar Series: Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Districts, Cities and Funding Issues – Summary by Edina Project

The EDINA project team organised a Spring Webinar session on energy efficiency „Revitalisation Academy – energy efficiency of buildings, districts, cities and funding issues (Web Seminar Series)” to approach EU goals for climate neutrality.

Humus per la Biosfera – Start of Soil Analysis

In June a series of soil tests on experimental fields near Bronte started with the University of Catania. The humus content and growth will be measured over the next ten years using various factors.

Grünes Schema Start-Up_pixabay

GreenTecLab: Start-Ups of the month

The GreenTecLab project is establishing support structures and an international network for green start-ups in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. In this article you find the project’s start-ups of the month.

Climate Action to the Table: Cycle of Conferences

The topic of the intersection between food and climate change is crucial in this day and age. The world food production system creates almost a third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore one of the main reasons for the climate crisis we are experiencing right now.

Stakeholder dialogue in practice: Just Transition in the European car industry

On May 12, 2022, the conference “Just Transition: Where is the European car industry heading?” was held in Brussels. Organised by German NELA. Next Economy Lab with the support of six partner organisations from, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany, the co-creative conference placed great emphasis on bringing together different stakeholders to enable and facilitate dialogue. Representatives at the conference included industry, environmental NGOs, academia, trade unions from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as policy makers from the European Commission and Parliament.