EUKI Press Review 2/2018 Report: Emissions Reduction Strategies for the Transport Sector in Italy Report: Good heating practices from Denmark and Germany – Conclusions for Poland Report: Dobre Praktyki Ciepłownicze z Danii i Niemiec Wnioski dla Polski (Polish) Report: Scenarijska Analiza Dugoročnog Planiranja Energetske Potrošnje i Dobave s Posebnim Osvrtom na Elektroenergetski Sustav (Croatian) Report: Myths and Facts about Deploying Renewables in the Power Systems of Southeast Europe Discussion Input: Stakeholder Consultation in Developing Climate Strategies: Insights from Experiences in Germany and France Factsheet: Latvian Energy Efficiency Facility LABEEF Factsheet: The Swedish Climate Act Factsheet: Green Savings Programme in the Czech Republic