EUKI Consultation Hour: Finance Management

The EUKI finance team are back to support you in another consultation hour as part of our Academy program! The finance team will give an input on frequent audit errors, followed by a Q&A session on the financial implementation of your project.

Finance Management © Photo: pch.vector on Freepik



Academy Event

07 December 2023


“Help, the auditor is coming!” – Most frequent errors in audits and how to avoid them 

In the first part of the consultation hour, Sarah from the EUKI finance team will give you a short overview of an audit process at EUKI and what principles you should follow to avoid findings. Afterwards, we welcome any questions you may have about the financial implementation of your project e.g. how to prepare your financial statements, what reporting periods to consider, reporting costs according to the budget etc. – by discussing your questions in the consultation hour, you don’t only get an answer but also help the finance managers of other projects to learn more about EUKI’s financial and commercial rules and regulations, so don’t be shy to ask!



To sign up please contact Tatiana Babaieva at



Sarah Siemering, Financial Advisor, EUKI Secretariat