Green Business Ideas for Climate Protection and Agricultural Economy – First Pitch Event of green Start-ups on Crete in the project GreenTecLab

Last week, the first start-up pitches in the project “GreenTecLab” took place in Heraklion, Crete. Michalis Katharakis and Giorgos Manousakis are the two partners in Heraklion who organise the bootcamps, pitches and trainings in Crete with the support of the project team.

by Silke Steinberg, Fiap e.V.

Published: 30 July 2021

Nine Projects presented their innovative business ideas in the fields of sustainable tourism and organic agriculture. The new products and services are intended to promote climate protection and facilitate sustainable behaviour.

Start-Up Award ceremony Heraklion; Photo: © Fiap e.V.

All but one of the Teams were present in Heraklion; one project from western Crete was digitally connected. The jury consisted of international experts as well as local actors who know the market in Crete very well. For example, the TUI Foundation and the Bayer company were on the jury as potential sponsors, but also representatives of the regional administration, the local university and local companies. Rüdiger Klatt (FIAP e.V.) was also a member of the jury. Of course, hygiene regulations were respected – presentation of ideas and communication only with a mask.

The Teams  presented exciting ideas, the focus was mainly on the recycling of agricultural waste products, but also on technological solutions to protect the environment.

From the jury’s point of view, all the ideas presented had potential and relevance for the Greek market. There was a long discussion about what fits into the Cretan market and supports sustainability and climate protection in a special way. Nektarios Fakidaris won first place with his idea of processing whey, a by-product of cheese production, and leftovers from the olive harvest into a protein powder that can be used for pet food but also for fitness products. Here, “waste” from Cretan agriculture is created into a new product that has a good market in Crete. Four more teams were awarded and now have the chance to be supported by foundations, by companies or by political stakeholders in Crete.

All nine Teams will receive support in the GreenTecLab project to develop their ideas, professionalise their products and services and make them customer-oriented. They will present themselves and their ideas on the GreenTecLab platform, which will go online this summer.

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