EUKI Consultation Hour: Contract, Articles & Annexes

Published: 03 March 2023

About this tutorial

The Grant Agreement is the fundamental document clarifying the relationship between you as the implementer and EUKI. Being part of the EUKI community you are already familiar with the contract and its details. Some aspects, however, may be overlooked.

This tutorial focuses on some contract details such as e.g. the 20% rule, exchange rates, due diligence and more. Additionally, the annexes of the contract will be discussed.

What topics does this tutorial cover?

  • What exactly is the 20% rule?
  • What does the contract say about own contributions?
  • Does the contract provide clear rules regarding procurement?

What will you achieve?

This tutorial will help you to:

  • Pay more attention on important specifics of your contract
  • Understand better how certain articles affect your financial implementation
  • Have a better overview of the contract annexes

Who will you learn with?​

This tutorial was created by Dorothea from the EUKI finance team, presented by Christina.

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

13 min in 1 short video