“Help, the auditor is coming!”

© Mohamed Hassan | Pixabay

About this EUKI Short

You are an EUKI funded project, being aware of the possibility of an audit and would now like to know more about that topic?

In order to be prepared it is helpful to know the audit process already and to understand how to avoid potential audit findings in the first place.

This tutorial gives you a general overview of the process and will provide you with a detailed and yet non-exhaustive list of Do´s and Dont´s regarding the financial implementation.

What topics does this tutorial cover?​

  • How is the audit process at EUKI structured?
  • What are the most common audit findings?
  • How can I avoid audit findings?

What will you achieve?​

This tutorial will help you to

  • Understand the single steps of an audit process 
  • Comprehend what parts of the financial implementation are prone for potential audit findings
  • Avoid audit findings

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

14 min in 3 short videos

Who will you learn with?​

This tutorial was created by Sarah Siemering from the EUKI finance team.