EUKI Shorts: Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Published: 11 April 2022

About this EUKI Shorts

Many countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe rely heavily on gas, oil, and coal from Russia. The Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine and the therefore increased gas prices has moved the idea of energy independence into the center of political discussions throughout the region. Therefore, the EUKI Academy invited three experts from Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania to discuss the consequences which this war will have on the clean energy transition in CEE.


  • Radu Dudau, Co-Founder and Director of “Energy Policy Group” (EPG) in Bucharest​
  • Dr. Aleksandra Gawllokwska-Fyk, Director of Power Sector Program in the polish think tank “Forum Energii“​
  • Ruslan Stefanov, Program Director and Chief Economist at the “Center for the Study of Democracy” (CSD) in Sofia

What topics does this EUKI Shorts cover?

  • The political debates dominating the speaker’s countries surrounding energy and how they have been influenced by the war in Ukraine.​
  • The speaker’s perspectives concerning the challenges the EU will face in the future with retrospect to energy independence.​
  • Opportunities and actions which civil actors, such as the EUKI Community, can take to encourage the clean energy transition within the EU and notably throughout CEE. 

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

10 min in 2 short videos