EUKI Shorts: Data Management in Smart Cities

Published: 27 June 2022

About this EUKI Shorts

Throughout the EU the green and digital transition are increasingly being seen as complimenting each other. At the same time, cities and municipalities are highly relevant in mitigating carbon emissions. Therefore, in this web seminar we discussed how efficient data management systems can help cities and municipalities implement smart solutions with means of reducing emissions, specifically in the building and energy sector.


  • Andrei Covatariu, Expert at the Taskforce Digitalization in Energy at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) – Romania ​
  • Sarah GiestAssociate Professor at Leiden University – The Netherlands  ​
  • Dragomir TzanevExecutive Director at the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect – Bulgaria

What topics does this EUKI Short cover?

  • A short outline as to why digital solutions are important for reducing emissions in cities and municipalities.​
  • A presentation of the key characteristics of a well-functioning data and technology infrastructure and the major stakeholders involved.​
  • The building and energy sector will present their process of digitalization and how different stakeholders play a role.​
  • Recommendations on what steps the EU-level should take to help realize the potential of Smart Cities. 

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

15 min in 5 short videos