EUKI Consultation Hour: Introduction to the EUKI Financial Monitoring Tool

Published: 02 May 2022

About this tutorial

You are an funding recipient and would like to keep track of your expenditures and remaining funds during the project period. In this video tutorial we introduce our EUKI Financial Monitoring Tool, which support you  maintain  overview  the project’s financial situation.​

You haven‘t received the Excel file of the monitoring tool yet? Please get in touch your financial supervisor at EUKI and we will send it to you right away. 

What topics does this tutorial cover?

  • Why the Monitoring Tool simplifies your work as the finance manager of an EUKI project​
  • An explanation of the different sheets of the EUKI Monitoring Tool ​
  • What data you have to enter where to work efficiently with the Monitoring Tool ​
  • How to check your remaning funds at all times​
  • How you can easliy create your financial statements and schedules of financial requirements with the help of the Monitoring Tool ​
  • A concluding summary of all tips

What will you achieve?

This tutorial will help you to: ​

  • Implement your project with regards to finances​
  • Navigate through the Excel file of the Monitoring Tool​
  • Gain an overview of all functionalities of the Monitoring Tool ​
  • Use the Monitoring Tool efficiently

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

7 min in 1 short video

Who will you learn with?

This tutorial has been created by Sven Kalmbach from the EUKI finance team.​