EUKI Consultation Hour: How to Get Your Internal Control under Control

Published: 10 June 2022

About this tutorial

Being a project funded by EUKI, you are required to have an internal control system established at your organisation. This tutorial gives you a general overview on what basic internal control measures are, what principles they follow, how you can implement them into your daily work and how to document them transparently in case your project will be audited.

What topics does this tutorial cover?

  • What internal control actual means
  • What principles an internal control system is based on
  • How you can implement internal control measures in your organisation

What will you achieve?

This tutorial will help you to:

  • Understand why internal control measures are important to implement
  • Comprehend what the 4-principles of an internal control system are about
  • Learn what kind of rules, guidelines or records support a good internal control system

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

7 min in 1 short video

Who will you learn with?

This tutorial has been created by Dorothea Alsch and Birgit Gbaguidi from the EUKI finance team.