Important Milestones of EUKI project „Together for Sustainable School“

The EUKI project „Together for Sustainable School“ is entering its final stages and the team has proudly hit two important milestone of the project to share!

by Erika Lučickaja, Together for Sustainable School 

Published: 09 June 2022

The team successfully organized the final online Youth Conference on 24th of May which marked the final point of the Ambassadors programme. During the conference many youth projects and initiatives were presented from Cyprus, Lithuania and Germany. Participants got to know more about challenges and achievements of their peers while implementing their ideas into local communities and sharing their own experiences.

Online, May 2022. Screenshot: project

During the event several guest speakers were invited as well to highlight the importance of youth involvement in climate and sustainability issues and inspire them to further contribute with sustainable initiatives. Team of organizers are extremely thankful to assistant at the European information Centre in Vilnius Lukas Gylys, Austrian Parliament representative and Spokesperson for integration, sports, youth, teaching & LGBTIQ Yannick Shetty and Natasa Ioannou from the organization “Friends of the Earth Cyprus”. Special thank you is also dedicated to the Active Youth organization which made sure that our break was interesting and interactive with the Action Bound test about ocean pollution.

Online, May 2022. Screenshot: project

Another important milestone is that one of the main tools for project dissemination in Lithuania, a digital platform, is now open to all Lithuanian teachers and students to communicate, get inspired and learn together! We are happy to announce that this platform is already widely available for registered teachers in Lithuania:
Developed platform has various features on it and we believe that it will be a very valuable tool for the educational community to put sustainability in the heart of what they are doing in schools every day. How does it work, though?

Each teacher can register with his/her private account. As a registered member teacher can participate in the community forums, raise important questions on the common channel, respond to messages and communicate with other teachers from all over the country. These features are similar to other forum-like platforms but with a sole focus on education and sustainability topics.

Platform also stands as a knowledge and experience sharing space. Each registered member can upload his/her lesson plans and share how sustainability topics are reflected in their particular school subject. These lesson plans are then open to the community and can be used by teachers or educators all over Lithuania. Other community members can rate the plans, leave comments and contact the author for possible collaborations, common projects or to start discussion. We hope that these features will help share valuable insights, knowledge and experience within the educational community and will be a great help and inspiration to its members.

Online, May 2022. Screenshot: project

On the platform members can also find a methodology on SDGs implementation into formal education in schools. This methodology stands as a manual for teachers on how different topics can be implemented in lesson plans of various subjects, what tools could be used in the classroom and what approaches could be chosen in the class. The methodology is available in both Lithuanian and English languages and is open for educational communities in all countries. This methodology was prepared by the collective effort of representatives from Vechta University, CARDET organization in Cyprus and Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre.

A big part of our project was the programme of Sustainable Development Ambassadors. Here on the platform users and guests will soon find short descriptions of youth initiatives and projects organized in their schools and local communities in Lithuania, Cyprus and Germany.
The content of the platform will be closely monitored to avoid any not suitable or offensive information. All plan uploads will be approved by the administrators of the website for overall quality and consistency assurance.

As a project team we hope that this website will become a great tool for teachers not only to learn from others but also to share their own ideas and work. Our long lasting vision is that this website will become an active platform for learning and sharing on a common subject of education for sustainable development and will help to bring up the dialogue of the educational community on this topic!

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