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Launch of European Climate Initiative

In the run-up to the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, the Federal Environment Ministry launched its European Climate Initiative (EUKI), which sponsors projects in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe through a competition of ideas aimed at strengthening European climate action cooperation. In addition, EUKI finances other projects such as trips for journalists. The aim is to strengthen European integration in the field of climate action.

Federal Environment Ministry initiates support process for Central, Eastern and Southern Europe

The EU’s climate action goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 can only be achieved if all member states work together. This is why the Federal Environment Ministry has added a European component, EUKI, to its National Climate Initiative (NKI) and International Climate Initiative (IKI).

EUKI promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience, and creates an EU-wide network of governments, municipalities, educational institutions, stakeholders from civil society and the scientific and business communities. In September, the first round of the Initiative started with 22 projects that had been selected in the context of EUKI’s competition of ideas. The topics covered are manifold and range from climate action education, exchange of experience and innovative solutions for greater energy efficiency in buildings to strategies and approaches to greenhouse gas reductions in the energy, transport and agriculture sectors.


Group picture from EUKI conference 2018. – GIZ (Photographer: Stephan Röhl)

In addition, informational trips will be organised for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe that are designed to establish a dialogue on German climate and energy policies, resolve misunderstandings and stimulate debate. Subjects include “local climate action”, “green innovations” and “the energy transition as an opportunity for structural change in rural areas”.

Press report of Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Security (BMU), 2 November 2017

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