Managing the Financial Part of Grants isn’t a Leisurely Afternoon Stroll in the Park

by Christina Ezra, Finance Manager EUKI

The finance team of the EUKI carved out a dedicated space for finance managers from EUKI projects. The first EUKI Academy Networking Event on Finance Management, held on April 17th and 18th in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria sparked deep discussions on grant management and helped build strong connections within the EUKI finance community.

Published: 26 April 2024
Workshop participants are sitting on chair and two people standing in front of them talking.

Financial professionals are essential to the success of EUKI funded climate projects, as they orchestrate and oversee the financial and contractual dimensions behind the scenes. Yet, events tailored specifically for these project members are a rarity. This has now been changed with the first EUKI Academy event of this kind.

Bringing together 29 participants from 24 organisations across 13 countries, the event presented a unique opportunity for finance managers to meet face-to-face with their peers, exchange ideas, and delve into the intricacies of grant management.

The event aimed to surpass traditional guidelines by offering practical examples and real-life experiences in grant management. Through interactive games, interviews and workshops, participants breathed new life into the topic, exploring efficient approaches, and identifying past and current challenges to ensure a smoother financial implementation of EUKI projects in the future. Among others, topics like audits, procurement, monitoring of partners, and handling conflicts in the consortium were discussed.

Workshop participants holding paper with numbers in their hands.
Financial managers know how to juggle numbers. ©GIZ

The participants not only attended the program curated by the EUKI team but also had the opportunity to actively shape the agenda by raising their own topics and exploring issues of mutual interest.

Beyond that, lasting connections within the EUKI finance community were built

Meliha Selesković, expressed her satisfaction with the event, citing: “I thoroughly enjoyed the event, particularly the valuable networking opportunities, the procurement quiz, and engaging discussions. It was a well-rounded experience that provided a lot of valuable insights.”

Overall, the event served as a testament to the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in navigating the complexities of grant management. As the EUKI community continues to grow and evolve, events of this kind will continue to play a significant role in driving innovation, efficiency, and excellence in grant management practices.

Exchange in smaller groups.

Group photo of participiants.

Interactive workshop.

EUKI Academy workshop for finance managers.