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“We expect a harsh winter”

Since we are not able to provide enough energy with our domestic production, we will either have to import electricity with these rocket-high prices or face blackouts. The government institutions have not proposed any practical steps to face the energy crisis, nor to provide any tangible solutions for thermal energy. So, with the rising energy prices, we expect a harsh winter.

EUKI Interview: Breaking Ground in Rural Poland

We spoke with Rafal Serafin and Piotr Banaszuk from EUKI project “RENALDO”. The project advances the market penetration of the collective prosumer model in rural Poland.

EUKICON22 – Fostering the Green Transition

EUKI’s fifth anniversary was a suitable occasion to reunite for the 4th EUKI conference in Berlin. Pondering on how to foster the green transition in Europe, the conference provided a great opportunity for Europe’s energy transition and climate action community to exchange, share ideas and learn from each other.

“The energy crisis is a turning point”

How can EUKI projects accelerate the green transition? At the 4th EUKI conference, panelists Dr Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf, Anelia Stefanova and Štěpán Vizi discussed current challenges and opportunities for Europe’s energy transition community.

“A treasure of a funding instrument”

How can EUKI as a funding instrument accelerate the green transition? At the 4th EUKI conference, panelists Dr Simon Marr, Ada Ámon, Visar Azemin and Dragomir Tzanev discussed on EUKIs impact and potential.

Three Future Tracks – Gathering Ideas to Accelerate the Green Transition

At the EUKI conference, three inspirational speeches were delivered by Annika Hedberg, Leonora Grcheva and Sven Egenter, providing the EUKICON22 audience with food for thought and discussion in the subsequent EUKI Future Labs.

EUKI Interview: Mainstreaming Sustainable Buildings in Europe

We spoke with Aleksandar Jelovac, Ana Šenhold und Marko Markic from EUKI project “Retrofit HUB”. The project focuses on advancing energy retrofit of buildings in Croatia, Poland and Hungary.

Climate Action at Mount Etna – Years of Work bear Fruit

Planting trees, growing vegetables, composting waste – climate action and nature conservation can be very practical and fun. This is something the Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung and local conservation organisation Giacche Verdi Bronte have been teaching for several years now through three projects funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).

Celebrating 5 Years EUKI

In 2017 the German government launched EUKI, two years after the Paris Climate Agreement. In doing so, it set an example in terms of European climate action and supported the idea that EU climate goals can only be achieved if individual countries, as well as civil societies, work together intensively, exchange ideas and support each other.

Palace of the Parliament

Energy Security in Europe – National Perspectives Part 3: Romania

The Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine as well as the resulting rise in prices of fossil fuels have once again underscored the dilemma facing Europe’s energy supply. How is Romania dealing with the current energy crisis and what are the national strategies to secure the country’s energy supply?