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ProjectCountryTopicDurationFunding €
A Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the ClimateBelgium, Germany, HungaryClimate-Aligned Finance09/18 - 08/20273,357 €
Accelerating climate action buildings – strengthening civil society and policy-makers in Romania and Bulgaria (Our Buildings)Bulgaria, RomaniaBuildings and Municipalities09/18 - 12/20410,578 €
Accelerating the Energy Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe and Learning from the German ExperienceBulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, SlovakiaEnergy09/17 - 02/20900,000 €
ALLIES – Activating and Learning from Local Investment in Energy SavingsGermany, Hungary, PolandClimate-Aligned Finance01/18 - 02/20529,999 €
Ambitious energy legislation to reduce the use of coal in private heating systemsBulgaria, Hungary, PolandEnergy09/18 - 04/19100,000 €
An Unavoidable Step After Paris: Cutting Emissions from FarmingBelgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, SpainAgriculture, Soils and Forestry11/17 - 02/20350,000 €
Boschi per la Biosfera – Forests for the BiosphereItalyAwareness08/17 - 02/18258,378 €
Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, RomaniaBuildings and Municipalities04/18 - 03/21-
Bringing Germany’s Bürgerenergie to New Regions in EuropeHungary, SpainEnergy09/18 - 12/20279,999 €
Build Bridges for Climate ProtectionGermany, ItalyAwareness11/17 - 03/1857,584 €
CEE Climate Policy FrontierBulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, SlovakiaClimate Policy09/18 - 03/20305,000 €
Central Eastern European Climate and Energy Policy Scholarship for JournalistsCroatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, SloveniaAwareness10/18 - 01/21349,894 €
CIC2030 – Strategies for Financing the 2030 TargetsCzech Republic, Germany, LatviaClimate-Aligned Finance09/18 - 12/20468,929 €
CLIKIS – Climate friendly Kitchen in SchoolsPolandAwareness09/18 - 04/1979,973 €
Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland: Harnessing knowledge and experiences for climate-resilient cities (Climate NBS Polska)Germany, PolandBuildings and Municipalities10/18 - 11/20106,883 €
CLIMATE RECON 2050 – Intra-EU Exchange to Raise Awareness and Build Capacity on Long-Term Climate StrategiesCzech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, PolandClimate Policy11/17 - 06/19357,862 €
Climate School Be.At – Open Societies and Schools in Climate Protection and Energy TransitionGermany, GreeceAwareness10/17 - 01/20719,160 €
Climate-Energy Fellowship for JournalistsEstonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, PolandAwareness10/17 - 02/1838,448 €
Climate-Friendly Materials Platform: Supporting the Transition in Central and Southern EuropeGermany, Hungary, Poland, SpainSustainable Economy09/18 - 04/1999,622 €
Conference “Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action”Austria, France, Germany, Italy, SloveniaBuildings and Municipalities09/17 - 06/1976,990 €
Cycling as an Element of Urban Climate Mitigation PolicyCroatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Poland, SlovakiaMobility11/17 - 02/20462,728 €
Delivering the EU-2030 and Long Term Climate Objectives in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, with a Specific Focus on TransportHungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, SpainMobility12/17 - 05/19249,517 €
ENCREMENCO – Enhancing the Capacities of Regions and Municipalities to Participate in Energy CommunitiesGreeceEnergy09/19 - 02/21324,587 €
Energy Management in Alpine HotelsAustria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, SwitzerlandSustainable Economy08/17 - 12/17117,752 €
Enterprise-Level GHG Reduction Initiative, Business4Climate+ in CyprusCyprusSustainable Economy09/18 - 04/19105,039 €
Fostering Low-Carbon HealthcareFrance, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, SwedenSustainable Economy10/17 - 03/1892,463 €
Franco-German Energy Transition WeekFrance, GermanyBuildings and Municipalities10/17 - 06/19330,000 €
Frutti per la Biosfera – Fruits for the BiosphereGermany, ItalyAwareness09/18 - 04/19164,573 €
International Cooperation Forum “Clean Heat”Denmark, Germany, PolandEnergy11/17 - 01/20416,607 €
InventAir: Inventories of energy poverty to support clean air policies in Eastern European countriesBulgaria, Germany, SloveniaEnergy09/18 - 04/19100,833 €
INVESTIGATE – Improving National GHG Inventories for Organic Soils and Mitigation PotentialDenmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, RomaniaAgriculture, Soils and Forestry11/17 - 10/18116,002 €
Just Transition Eastern and Southern EuropeBulgaria, Germany, Greece, PolandEnergy10/17 - 02/20659,418 €
Landscape of Climate Finance: Promoting debate on climate finance flows in Central EuropeFrance, Germany, PolandClimate-Aligned Finance09/18 - 10/1978,555 €
Making State Aid Work for the Decarbonisation of EuropeBelgium, France, Germany, Italy, PolandClimate Policy11/17 - 09/19274,568 €
Municipal Energy ManagementBulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, SloveniaBuildings and Municipalities10/17 - 02/20438,497 €
Paludiculture in the Baltic Countries – Climate Protection by Productive Use of Rewetted PeatlandsEstonia, Germany, Latvia, LithuaniaAgriculture, Soils and Forestry10/17 - 02/20638,272 €
Reforming the EU: Climate Policies as the New Trade Mark of the EUBulgaria, Estonia, RomaniaClimate Policy11/17 - 06/19111,517 €
REVIPOWER – Energy and Resource Efficient Neighbourhood Renewals in Polish CitiesGermany, PolandBuildings and Municipalities09/17 - 03/19127,491 €
SOL: Solar Energy for Multi-Family Buildings in LithuaniaGermany, LithuaniaBuildings and Municipalities09/18 - 04/19128,618 €
South East Europe Energy Transition DialogueBulgaria, Croatia, Greece, RomaniaEnergy01/18 - 02/20720,000 €
Tackling climate change and Estonian energy policy: facilitating a meaningful dialogue about futureEstoniaEnergy09/18 - 11/20279,792 €
Towards the introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian SchoolsBulgariaAwareness09/18 - 02/21312,234 €
Training of Managers for Urban Redevelopment in LithuaniaGermany, LithuaniaBuildings and Municipalities10/17 - 02/20421,823 €
YESclima – Young experts for climate-friendly schools in Mediterranean countriesGermany, Greece, SpainAwareness09/18 - 12/20319,579 €
Young Energy EuropeBulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, HungarySustainable Economy11/17 - 10/202,692,426 €