Women In eNergy – an alliance for the Empowerment of Women in the Energy Sector (WIN)

Scaling up the successful model of WEnCoop – Europe’s first women-run energy cooperative – in Greece, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and addressing the underrepresentation of women in the energy sector for a more inclusive energy transition.

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Female technician on solar roof.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia

Project duration:

12/23 - 03/26

Target groups:

Civil society, General public, Media


435,600.00 €

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Athanasia Ioannidou

  • Association of Business Women in BiH
  • Association of business women
  • Business Women Association of Montenegro


Citizen participation is needed to achieve the EU Green Deal’s objective to make the continent climate-neutral by 2050, as the necessary changes in production and consumption patterns affect most areas of people’s lives. However, participation levels are too low, mainly due to a lack of knowledge about energy issues and poor engagement opportunities. Energy Communities (ECs) are a concept adopted by the EU in 2019 as a tool to promote citizen engagement and the green energy transition. Women are still underrepresented in the energy sector, although their empowerment is key to ensuring equal access to clean energy.


The project scales up the successful model of WEnCoop, winner of the 2022 European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) and the first EC for women entrepreneurs in Greece.

It supports national, regional and local authorities in developing energy agendas in which new energy management systems such as ECs and cooperatives play an important role. Based on an analysis of EU policies, the project identifies gaps and challenges related to gender equality in ECs and makes policy recommendations to boost women’s participation and to promote a more gender-inclusive and supportive regulatory framework for ECs. The project engages women entrepreneurs and business associations as key partners to ensure that women’s perspectives and leadership are at the forefront.

The WIN Training Programme and the WIN Dialogues equip women with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to participate effectively in the energy sector. Finally, the WIN Network Platform is used to spread the project’s message globally to get more women involved in energy transition actions.

Last update: May 2024