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Project Country Topic Duration Funding €
A Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the Climate Belgium, Germany, Hungary Climate-Aligned Finance 09/18 - 08/20 273,357 €
ALLIES – Activating and Learning from Local Investment in Energy Savings Germany, Hungary, Poland Climate-Aligned Finance 01/18 - 06/20 529,999 €
CIC2030 – Strategies for Financing the 2030 Targets Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia Climate-Aligned Finance 09/18 - 02/21 568,113 €
Landscape of Climate Finance: Promoting debate on climate finance flows in Central Europe France, Germany, Poland Climate-Aligned Finance 09/18 - 10/20 161,055 €
Sustainable Finance and Consumer Protection Czech Republic, Greece Climate-Aligned Finance 10/20 - 09/22 478,942 €