Succesful BEACON webseminar on 1 July 2023: ‘Our Experience with Virtual Collaboration’

The coronavirus restrictions of recent months have challenged EUKI projects to experiment with digital forms of collaboration and dialogue. This has also been the case for the BEACON project, which relies heavily on cross-border exchange and in-person networking. Despite these challenges though, the BEACON project has, in many cases, been able to find workable solutions and tools that enable its team to continue our climate action work on the ground. In this webseminar, the Project shared many of its concrete best practices and lessons learned for effective virtual collaboration but also provided a forum for peer-to-peer advice with the other EUKI projects.

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Published: 08 July 2020

Further Information

The webseminar was held on July 1 2020 with participants from the EUKI community. For further information and detailed content of the webseminar, please click the picture below to open the PowerPoint presentation:

PowerPoint slides  – Tips and insights from the BEACON Project