This lessons-learned report by EUKI project Cyclurban+ highlights its pilot-cases and possible measures for local authorities. Several examples give evidence that they were successful.

This manual by EUKI project Green Rural Deal informs about the transformative potential of public policies in the context of the green transition and includes strategies, instruments and tools for European policy makers.

Training forestry professionals – the key to optimise carbon sinks trough adapted forest management

Forests for Future

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Training forestry professionals – the key to optimise carbon sinks trough adapted forest management

by Živa Bončina, “Forests for Future” project

The “Forests for Future project” consortium organised a series of workshops. The objective of the workshops was to educate decision makers and forestry professionals on the importance of active management in optimising the management of forest carbon stocks and adapting forests to the impacts of climate change. To this end, the project results were presented and a participatory collaboration was initiated to obtain feedback and suggestions for practical application on the field.

The “Forest for the Future” project is coming to an end. In the fall and winter of 2022, 15 workshops were organised throughout Slovenia in each regional unit and in the central unit of the Slovenian Forest Service. In total, more than 330 foresters with different profiles participated in the workshops: heads of the regional units of Slovenia Forest Service, forest managers, district foresters, as well as representatives of various institutions, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, the Slovenian Forestry Institute, etc. The main project results were presented:


Workshop at Kras, ©Forests for Future


Active part of workshop in Novomesto, ©Forests for Future

  • Forest sink optimisation models for three different sites (highly productive beech forests on silicate, beech-silver fir-spruce forests on carbonate in the Dinaric Mountains and in the Alps) with three different management scenarios (business as usual, carbon sink optimisation, no management). The models were developed based on forest inventory data by Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources of the Biotechnical Faculty.
  • A digital carbon sequestration tool that is already part of the toolbox for forest managers at Slovenia Forest Service.
  • Guidelines for optimising forest management for carbon sinks, which have been incorporated into the development of ten-year forest management plans for regional units. This plans present strategic legislative foundation for forest management for all, public and private forests in Slovenia.
  • Recommendations for policy makers. Various stakeholders were involved in the preparation of the recommendations. The first draft was developed based on a survey with forest professionals. It was then discussed and refined at an initial workshop in May 2022, attended by all key forestry participants and observers.


OE Kočevje, ©Forests for Future


Presentation of forest sink optimization models in Kočevje, ©Forests for Future

We were very pleased with the response. We raised foresters’ awareness of carbon sinks. The participants were very interested and had many suggestions and comments for practical application in the field, which we analysed and included in the project documents.

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South-East Europe’s first climate champions crowned

Climate Bridges

Climate protection across borders: on 9 November 2022, South-East Europe’s first Climate Champions were crowned in Sarajevo/BiH. From 40 projects submitted on climate protection and sustainability, an international jury of experts selected five, while two other projects received special awards.

Decarbonisation: How the Czech industry thinks about Sustainable Finance

Karel Voldřich is Head of Industry Decarbonisation at the International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) and we talked to him about the decarbonisation of the Czech heavy industry, their work as an NGO and the importance of networking.

Portrait Štěpán Vizi

“Maybe we can benefit from that in the future”

At the #EUKICON22 Štěpán Vizi talked to us about the consequences of the energy crisis in the Czech Republic and how the government and new Czech EU Council presidency are coping with it. He is also talking to us about the role of EUKI in Central Eastern European countries and his Czech German podcast “Karbon”.

This survey by EUKI project Climate Heros tracks the level of awareness and engagement of youth regarding matters related to wildlife preservation, climate change and sustainable development.


Climate Action Connecting Europe – EUKI E-Paper 2022

On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) published an interactive e-paper. In words and figures, it illustrates the idea behind the EUKI and presents two of the 179 climate action projects financed so far. Quotes from Federal Minister Dr. Robert Habeck and the director of the Polish think tank Forum Energii, Joana Pandera, outline the political framework of the initiative. The clickable icons provide you with further information on the annual call for project ideas, the EUKI Academy and the 8 topics of the EUKI.

Enjoy reading the E-Paper

Green innovations for local transformation processes: European startups as drivers for transition

Green innovations for local transformation processes: European startups as drivers for transition

The new issue of Transition, publication series of the FIAP e.V., “Green innovations for local transformation processes: European startups as drivers for transition” is based on the experiences and results of the GreenTecLab project.

Project partners and other important actors provide an overview of the activities in the different regions in the various contributions. Project experience and results are shared and challenges and successes are reported. Furthermore, the articles also explore how green business ideas, innovations and projects contribute to supporting environmental, social, cultural and economic change in the regions.

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GTL – Green Tec Labs