CLI-MA – From Housing Manager to Climate Manager

The project “CLI-MA” provides trainings in climate management to building managers in Poland and Latvia in order to reduce GHG emissions of residential buildings.

CACTUS – Consolidating Ambitious Climate Targets with End-Use Sufficiency

The project “CACTUS” sensitises key scenario builders, policy makers and wider EU and climate energy stakeholders on the potential of energy sufficiency.

Green roofs in the cities as a response to effects of climate change – GRAD final conference

GRAD – Green Roofs for Climate Adaption in Urban Areas

After more than two years of work on the creation of pilot strategies for the development of green roofs, the summary and presentation of the results of the project took place online.

Assessment of climate and environmental disclosures of companies from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe published pursuant to the EU Nonfinancial Reporting Directive (EU NFRD).