Stakeholder dialogue in practice: Just Transition in the European car industry

Just Transition in the Car Industry

On May 12, 2022, the conference “Just Transition: Where is the European car industry heading?” was held in Brussels. Organised by German NELA. Next Economy Lab with the support of six partner organisations from, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany, the co-creative conference placed great emphasis on bringing together different stakeholders to enable and facilitate dialogue. Representatives at the conference included industry, environmental NGOs, academia, trade unions from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as policy makers from the European Commission and Parliament.


Where Do EU Funds Go?

The EUKI project “Directing EU Funds Towards Climate Neutrality” operates an interactive database listing only project examples from CEE that practice efficient climate protection. Already, more than 25 entries show where money is being invested that is advancing the energy transition. Already in the first ten months, the project has reached 56 million interested parties as well as acting politicians in 8 target countries. Through the growing transparency, EU funds can be distributed more efficiently and directed to climate-effective projects.

Clear Air in Poland

Studies, reports but also intensive discussions of the EUKI project “Forum Energii” with stakeholders helped to put the idea of stopping coal combustion in domestic heating systems by 2030 as a priority on the political agenda in Poland. Morover, during the COVID-19 crisis period, 13 webinars with over 1400 participants contributed to this.


Green Entrepreneurship

Just one year after the project started, the EUKI project “Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” receives strategic support for its work from a Macedonian municipality and two Bulgarian cities. In Bitola, Macedonia, home to the largest coal-fired power plant in the country, a collaboration was signed with EUKI partner organisation JA Macedonia to promote a just transition to decarbonisation and green entrepreneurship. In the Bulgarian cities of Kyustendil and Pernik, WWF Bulgaria achieved that the cooperation will involve communities, schools and youth in decision-making processes in the future and support them in further climate action activities throughout the EUKI project.


EUCENA presents: Renewable Energy Made Easy: The Course for You by EUCENA.

EUCENA – European Citizen Energy Academy

EUCENA is offering online courses to teach the methods and techniques of creating a energy community in your own neighbourhood.


Allocating EU Funds in CEE: A webinar

Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality

EUKI project “Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality” organised a Web Seminar about recommendations on money expenditures from a climate perspective. Examples were presented by every country representative.

Socially Just Carbon Pricing Policies in CEE

Improving understanding of how to price carbon in the transport and building sectors in Poland and Romania in a socially just manner.

Green Deal CEE

Engaging students in climate action by making climate change education an integral part of school curricula in Lower Silesia.


Distributing the Impacts of Carbon Pricing in CEE

The ‘Distributing the Impacts of Carbon Pricing in CEE’ project works to mitigate the negative impacts of carbon pricing in Central and Eastern European countries.

European Rail Renaissance

Enabling decision makers in the European Commission and EU Member States to strengthen trans-European rail travel.