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Project video: Young Energy Europe

Young Energy Europe trains young professionals from a wide range of sectors to become Energy Scouts allowing them to help monitor and reduce energy consumption in their companies.

International Energy Scouts

Energy Scouts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany met at the Hannover Messe to network and to exchange.

Moving Towards Climate-Friendly Materials

The “Climate-Friendly Materials Platform” aims to decarbonise the materials sector and held meetings in Hungary, Spain and Poland.

Project Video: Young Energy Europe

The EUKI project “Young Energy Europe” trains young professionals from all economic sectors in the fields of energy efficiency, mobility and material and resource efficiency. The DIHK video explains the project’s working methods.

TV show on YESclima

The EUKI project YESclima trains young energy experts and thus helps to reduce youth unemployment in Spain and Greece. Project leader Francisco José Sánchez of Cadiz University and project participants report on “El Mirador”.

The transport sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Italy. In contrast to other sectors, emissions in the transport sector are still slightly above 1990 levels. This trend needs to be rapidly reversed, given the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement and to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming. The objective of this report is to show how Italy can decrease their transport emissions from a broad range of European and national measures.

Titelblatt der Studie zu Emissionsreduzierung im ungarischen Transportsektor

Report: Emissions reduction strategies for the transport sector in Hungary

Hungary has to reduce its non-ETS greenhouse gas emissions by 7% in 2030, and transport is one of the highest emitters within these non-ETS sectors. As a result, and also to comply with the EU’s long-term decarbonisation goals and the Paris agreement, Hungary must take urgent and robust action to reduce the emissions in transport. In this report for the European Climate Initiative (EUKI), T&E analyses and proposes a series of key actions that Hungary should undertake to decarbonise transport.

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Delivering the EU-2030 and Long Term Climate Objectives in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, with a Specific Focus on Transport