A road trip to peatland strategies

Insights from the peatland workshop in Budapest.

by Dóra Anita Nagy, CEEweb for Biodiversity

Published: 10 May 2024

The importance of peatlands in climate change mitigation efforts appears undeniable when we consider the substantial amount of carbon trapped in them. Their significance gave the basis of the ‘Peatlands as Key Habitats in Climate Mitigation Efforts’ workshop held between April 25-26 in Budapest and the Fertő-Hanság National Park, where stakeholders could discuss various aspects of peatlands relating to their field.

The event was organized by CEEweb for Biodiversity in the frame of the project “Building the European Peatlands Initiative: A Strong Alliance for Peatland Climate Protection in Europe” with the objective of sharing perspectives and information regarding the role of peatlands and soils in national-level climate mitigation efforts and in science-based emission reduction pathways.

The presentations as well as a more thorough insight to the workshop can be found here.

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