The ‘Humus per la Biosfera’ project captivates the Sicilian Regional Conference on the MediterraneanScrub

On 21 November in Noto, on the occasion of Tree Day, the regional conference of the Guardians of the Mediterranean Maquis shrubland was held, an event recognised and promoted by the Sicilian Region.

by Andrea Aidala, Giacche Verdi Bronte

Published: 14 December 2023
Andrea Aidala of the GV Staff explains the aims and successes of the EUKI Humus per la Biosfera project

The purpose of the day was to promote the most significant actions in support of Sicily’s biodiversity and in particular the Mediterranean Maquis shrubland. The Giacche Verdi Bronte were invited to speak about the EUKI project ‘Humus per la Biosfera’ promoted in synergy with the Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung Foundation.

Conference participants. © Photo: Guardiani della Macchia Mediterranea

In particular, the focus was on environmental education and agricultural actions. In the presence of the
Sicilian Region’s Councillor for Land and the Environment, Hon. Pagana, the Councillors for the Environment of the Municipalities of Noto and Modica, numerous associations, farmers and students from the “Cucuzza-Euclide Institute” of Noto, Andrea Aidala of the GV Staff illustrated the project’s guidelines, the environmental education phases, and the successes achieved thanks to the school composting plants and the experimental actions in the lands managed by the GV in synergy with the University of Catania. The project aroused great interest and fascination in the authorities, farmers and students present. They all immediately expressed their willingness to collaborate and participate in the actions promoted in their territories. In particular, a group of farmers from Noto invited the GV to organise a day of dissemination on good practices and terra preta with other farmers in the area. The Giacche Verdi Bronte also received the flag of Natura2000, the network for the protection of the Mediterranean maquis, and will be enrolled by the promoters among the Guardian Associations of the Mediterranean Maquis. All thanks to the actions of the EUKI Humus for the Biosphere project, destined to have a significant impact and follow up beyond the project area.

GV international volunteers and trainees, with GV head worker Riccardo Samperi, show the Natura2000 flag in the experimental plots managed by the Association for the Humus project. © Photo: Giacche Verdi Bronte

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