Climate Action Zlatibor

This project is completed. Its objective was to impart the necessary knowledge and skills for the development of local strategies for sustainable energy and climate planning to public service employees in Serbia.

Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings


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Croatia, Serbia

Project duration:

10/20 - 01/23

Target groups:

Local governments, Public sector, Private sector


377,238.75 €

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Denis Premec

Implementing organisation
  • Zlatibor Regional Development Agency Ltd


While Serbia has started to harmonise its legislation with EU frameworks, the country still lacks capacities in sustainable energy development, climate change management and sustainable investment. The results are notable in the energy sector. For example, 85 percent of Serbia’s residential buildings do not meet energy efficiency requirements, and 80 percent of primary energy production comes from fossil fuels while renewable sources only make up a marginal amount. To be able to develop an ambitious climate strategy, the necessary knowledge and capacities need to be provided to the public sector.

Representatives from northern Croatia and the Serbian region Zlatibor. Photo: ©Regional Development Agency Zlatibor


To establish this basis at the regional level, the project aimed to establish a competence center in the Serbian Zlatibor region. During the project implementation, there was a continuous knowledge transfer between the Croatian and Serbian partners. Additionally, the project conducted analyses for the energy renovation of buildings, supported municipal pilot projects, and developed exemplary procurement documents and technical documentation for future projects in the field. In this way, the project partners expanded their knowledge and skills in climate protection and renewable energy, which they could then utilize when advising regional authorities.


  • Establishment of a Competence Center for Energy Transition and Climate Change in the Zlatibor Region: During the project’s duration, the center emerged as a crucial partner in regional energy transition and climate protection planning. In the context of the energy crisis, the center focused particularly on energy renovation and efficiency, as well as renewable energy. Through various knowledge transfer and capacity development formats (a total of 17 conferences, workshops, and seminars), over 260 participants were reached. The Competence Center in Zlatibor was integrated as a new department within the Zlatibor Regional Development Agency, ensuring its sustainability beyond the project’s timeline.
  • Launch of 5 Pilot Projects in the Energy Renovation of Public Buildings: The project identified 20 prospective future projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Serbian Zlatibor region. Based on this foundation, the Competence Center supported and facilitated the initiation of five pilot projects in the city of Uzice. All projects involve the energy renovation of public buildings, including four schools and one kindergarten in the municipality.
  • Development of Two Joint Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs): During the project, two joint SECAPs were created which are both based on detailed analyses of energy consumption and climate data from the public sector, households, and local and regional transportation in 16 municipalities in Serbia and Croatia. These documents contain elaborated energy efficiency and climate mitigation measures for the municipalities. All 16 municipalities joined the Covenant of Mayors initiative as part of the project, voluntarily committing to implementing EU climate and energy goals.

Last update: June 2024

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