Clima Host II – Alpine Climate Action Competition in the Hotel and Catering Industry

The aim of the project is to reduce greenhouse gases produced in tourist accommodation in the Alpine region. The second climate action competition “ClimaHost” started on 1 September 2021. The application period was until 31 December 2021. Accommodation establishments from the Alpine region that have implemented exemplary climate action measures and contribute to a sustainable tourism were sought.


The first Clima Host competition was held in 2018/19. Hosts from across the Alpine region who had implemented outstanding climate action measures in their businesses were honoured. The presentation of the awarded measures is meant to serve as a blueprint for other tourist facilities and to encourage them to implement suitable projects themselves. Such emulation effects expand the range of environmentally friendly accommodation available in the Alpine region and thus contribute to the transnational climate goals of the Alpine Convention.

Logo of EUKI project Clima Host

Logo of EUKI project Clima Host. Photo: (c) adelphi


The project is organising the second climate action competition. Apart from project management, this entails the planning and staging of the competition, dissemination and assessing the individual measures involved. After the competition, the project evaluates the effectiveness of the award-winning measures, summarises the results of the competition in a brochure and ensures that the award-winning measures are communicated via diverse media channels in the Alpine region. The competition on climate action is to be established as a recurring event in the medium term. The project is looking into alternative funding sources to ensure that the competition can consistently be held regardless of public funds.

Project information

Updated: September 2021

Countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Switzerland

Project duration: 10/20 - 12/22

Target groups: Private sector

Implementing organisation: adelphi research gGmbH

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Contact Person:

Mr Gunnar Will

adelphi research gGmbH
Alt-Moabit 91
10559 Berlin



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