ClimAct CEE – Boosting the Decarbonised and Low-emission Transformation in CEE

Transforming three pilot urban zones in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania into energy-wise, climate-friendly, and clean air spaces for its citizens.

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Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania

Project duration:

12/22 - 11/24

Target groups:

Local governments, Regional governments, General public


388,538.03 €

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Ina Karova

Implementing organisation
  • Alba Local Energy Agency
  • Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) e.V.
  • North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA)


The European Union (EU) plans for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 – a far-reaching goal that may not be achieved in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) unless there is a steady momentum of decisive and well-concerted climate policies and actions. However, boosting the implementation of the climate policies in CEE is capable of improvement as the tangible results of energy and climate interventions take time and persistence to achieve and showcase. To tackle the challenges and advance climate action in this region, more nuanced policies and actions at local and regional levels are needed.

PV power plant on the roof top, Photo: ©Solarimo | Pixabay


ClimAct CEE demonstrates the strength of integrated, evidence-based climate policies through transforming pilot urban zones in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania, into energy-wise, climate-friendly and clean air spaces for its citizens. The project proposes a climate screening framework converging energy, climate, and air quality policies that serve as a guided tool to design and implement decarbonised and low-emission city zones, showcasing that integrated policies are a game-changer in fighting climate challenges. The newly created climate-neutral zones are then scaled-up and replicated as flagships of the sustainable, climate-resilient, and energy-independent future of all European cities. To achieve these goals, the project supports local authorities in preparing comprehensive emission and energy inventories of their cities to the ClimAct CEE methodology. The project consults CEE experts and professionals in the field of energy, environment, and climate on developing an emission accounting framework for greenhouse gas and air emissions. Finally, it addresses citizens through climate campaigns within the climate-neutral pilots that will act as climate playgrounds for the public to join and understand the effect of targeted climate actions on decarbonised and low-emission urban transformation.

Last update: May 2024

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