Establishment of a Local Competence Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Podlaskie Region

The aim of the project is to establish a competence centre for renewable energy and energy efficiency in the project region of the two eastern Polish counties of Białystok and Hajnówka. In the long term, the centre will help to build local capacity for the development of renewable energy. Improving energy efficiency and generating new income sources in these structurally weak regions are further goals.

Project content and measures

The German project partner, Energievision Frankenwald, advises the Polish municipalities on the legal and organisational aspects of establishing the competence centre. Seminars run by Energievision Frankenwald provide training for Polish project staff to qualify them for future consulting activities.  This is based on the positive experience gained by existing energy agencies in Bavaria. The project partners wish to attract a wide range of supporters from business, politics and environmental associations for the centre.

A group of people listens to a guided tour on an industrial site.

Study trip by municipal representatives from Hajnówka to Bavaria. Photo: Martin Kastner, Energievision Frankenwald e.V.

The new independent advisory centre aims to provide information to communities, businesses and citizens regarding the economic and other benefits generated by developing renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. The municipalities also receive support in raising funding for relevant measures in this field. The pilot project will serve as a model for the possible establishment of further energy agencies in Podlasie and throughout Poland.


As in other countries, much of the expansion of renewable energy will take place in rural regions in Poland. This was the context for the idea of setting up a competence centre for this structurally weak rural region. Through the centre, with its function as coordinator, the aim is to steer development so as to ensure that the creation of added value can remain in the region and benefit the municipalities, private individuals and the local economy.

Project information

Updated: June 2019

Countries: Germany, Poland

Project duration: 11/18 - 12/20

Funding: 298,675 €

Target groups: Cities, towns and municipalities, Civil Society, Companies

Implementing organisation:
Energievision Frankenwald e.V.

Partners: County of Hajnówka, Municipal Development Association BOF

Project Webseite: energie-frankenwald.de/

Contact Person

Mrs Beata Dudar

Organisation: Energievision Frankenwald e.V.

Email:  dudarenergie-frankenwald.de


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The European Climate Initiative (EUKI):

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