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The project is completed. The project’s goal was to enable Czech and German energy experts to exchange and implement good practices in energy performance contracting for cities, municipalities, and public building owners.

Energy Efficiency Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings Municipalities


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Czech Republic, Germany

Project duration:

09/20 - 06/23

Target groups:

Local governments, Public sector, Private sector


287,942.97 €

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Daniela Stolarová

Implementing organisation
  • OTH Amberg-Weiden - Technical University of Applied Sciences
  • The Association of Energy Service Providers (APES)


Energy savings and climate policies were not very prominent topics in the Czech Republic until the energy crisis. The flow of information between owners of public and municipal buildings, experts working in the energy industry and overarching bodies is limited. Cross-border cooperation of energy experts would help to overcome the persistent barriers regarding energy savings and efficiency projects in the Czech public sector. 

Energy-efficient generator for the use in the hospital of Břeclav. Photo: (c) Univerzitní centrum energeticky efektivních budov


The project created a cross-border group of energy engineers and experts in the Czech Republic and Germany. One key good practice from Germany which was implemented in the Czech Republic during the project is the “Energy Efficiency Network” (EEN). ENNs connect Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), energy experts and public buildings managers. They thus make the process of preparing, submitting and performing energy saving projects more efficient. To make these advantages available to Czech municipalities, the project established a pilot EEN in the Czech Republic. By sharing the EEN concept with other municipalities and public entities, the project supported the Czech Republic’s transition towards municipal energy efficiency.


  • Establishment of an Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) in the Czech Republic: 14 Czech municipalities established a pilot EEN based on a Bavarian model to engage in and promote energy savings, train their energy experts and share experiences on this topic. The EEN has stimulated and supported the initiation of several energy saving projects in member municipalities.
  • Capacity building in the field of energy efficiency: A total of 250 participants from 60 institutions, municipalities, energy agencies and energy service companies took part in 3 study tours and 7 expert workshops and seminars on energy efficiency, thus building their capacity in this field.

Last update: May 2024

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