EU 2040 Climate Target: Level of ambition and implications

A better understanding of possible designs and levels of ambition of the new 2040 EU climate target as well as an informed public debate on this climate target.

Climate Policy

Person working on solar panel. © Photo: Markus Spiske | Unsplash

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Czech Republic, Europe, Germany, Poland

Project duration:

03/23 - 11/24

Target groups:

Civil society, EU institutions, National governments



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Implementing organisation
  • Ecologic Institute gGmbH
  • Öko-Institut e.V
  • 300Gospodarka
  • Association for International Affairs (AMO)


The European Climate Law (ECL) obliges the EU to adopt a legally-binding 2040 climate target. To this end, the Commission must present a legislative proposal by May 2024. This proposal will be the start of a legislative process aimed at amening the ECL and implementing EU measures.


The project analyses the ambition level of the 2040 target. It also examines the impacts of a new 2040 target on EU Member States, sectors, and instruments. Additionally, the project aims to inform a broad debate about the 2040 target in the EU, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and other EU Member States.

Last update: June 2024