GRAD – Green Roofs for Climate Adaption in Urban Areas

The project partners develop strategies to spread roof and façade greening in eight Polish cities. Thereby, they build on the experience of Hamburg as a German model city, which has not only used roof greening to reduce CO2 but also to improve the climate of the city.


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Germany, Poland

Project duration:

10/18 - 12/20

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Educational institutions, Private sector


163,110.96 €

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Patrycja Płonka

Implementing organisation
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg


The activities throughout the project address the consequences of increased urbanisation processes, in particular the reduction of green spaces in cities. As a solution, the project promotes the creation of green roofs and green walls, which are still rare in Poland. Such green areas come with many benefits: they retain rainwater, increase urban green surface, reduce temperature differences and air stagnation, increase biodiversity, tie CO2 and reduce its amount in the atmosphere.

Study Trip to Hamburg in June 2019, Photo: ©PNEC


The project foresees the transfer of German experiences and practices in the field of climate adaptation and mitigation to Poland. The focus lays upon the development of strategies and solutions to support the creation of green roofs. Established bilateral exchange with the city of Hamburg will lead to the development of eight local green roof strategies for eight Polish cities. The results will be included in further policy documents and the strategies will be promoted among other cities to encourage them to take similar action. Foreseen capacity building and networking activities include the organisation of thematic seminars, workshops, study trips to Hamburg and the development of an inspirational brochure presenting German good practices in the field of green roofs, climate adaptation and climate mitigation strategies. The activities will be connected with a widespread dissemination campaign to raise public awareness about the positive climate aspects of green roofs.

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