HYDRO-RES – Promoting renewable energy and energy storage in Cyprus

Improvement of the framework conditions for the use of floating photovoltaics, energy storage and offshore renewables in Cyprus.

Climate Policy

A solar PV system in Cyprus, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) which came online in 2017.

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Project duration:

09/23 - 04/25

Target groups:

National Government, Civil Society


193,385.19 €

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Ulrich Laumanns

  • Cypriot Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry
  • Water Development Department of Cyprus


Only 15% of electricity in Cyprus is renewable – the rest is produced from diesel power plants, which are harmful to the environment and climate. There is also limited space available to install photovoltaic and wind power plants. With about 110 water reservoirs in Cyprus, floating photovoltaic plants are a possible solution. Some of these reservoirs could also serve as pumped-storage plants, making it possible to store renewable energy. Cyprus also has significant potential for offshore renewable energy. However, projects using these technologies have not yet been implemented in Cyprus.


The project examines the feasibility and potential of floating photovoltaic plants in Cyprus. It also advises the Cypriot Government on developing national strategies for pumped-storage plants and renewable offshore energy. To this end, the project is drafting contract templates and technical specifications to facilitate the implementation of such projects. In addition, it is supporting the development of a legal framework and appropriate funding instruments. The project communicates knowledge and relevant experience from other countries with Cyprus, including through training courses. With its Cypriot partners, it identifies obstacles and drafts recommendations for developing floating photovoltaics, pumped-storage plants and offshore renewable energy. In this way, it contributes to protecting the climate and expanding green energy in Cyprus. This project is co-financed with EU funding.

Last update: July 2024