TANDEM III: French and German municipalities for climate mitigation

By bringing together municipalities and relevant players from France and Germany, the project aims to support the implementation of concrete cooperation projects. It wants to enable the cross-border exchange to foster local climate mitigation to establish both countries as role models in energy and climate policy.

Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings


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France, Germany

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11/19 - 03/22

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119,565.00 €

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Christiane Kretschmer

Implementing organisation
  • Energy Cities (ENC)


The project consists of two parts over a period of 17 months. First, the implementation of the second French-German Energy Transition Week at the end of January 2021, where municipalities, regions, and organisations will carry out creative, easy to implement public climate protection events. Through this, civil society is enabled to become an active player in the energy transition process thus increasing the acceptance and accelerating the impact of it.

Second, the development of a strategy that will ensure the consolidation and financial autonomy of the Energy Transition Week and the TANDEM project. This includes further knowledge transfer, mutual inspiration, and exchange as well as common projects. The development of such a strategy is fostered through the following measures: a partnership market place, webseminars, partnership guidebook, facilitation of joined projects, and networking with French-German organisations and companies. The strategy will be disseminated digitally to all partners.

The implementing partners of the project are Climate Alliance and Energy Cities. In addition to the partners, the project targets municipalities, stakeholders at the national and state level, all stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of local energy and climate protection, and citizens of the participating municipalities.

Landscape with wind turbine; photo: pixabay.com/ybernardi


France and Germany were driving forces behind the Paris Agreement. Comparing the achievements in climate and energy with their self-set targets for 2020, it becomes clear neither of the countries will achieve all of their targets. Thus, both countries need to take action. Successful climate protection and the implementation of energy system transformation in France and Germany also requires exchange and cooperation at various levels.

On 22 January 2019, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel signed the so-called Treaty of Aachen, in which both countries are committing to further the energy transition and to extend their respective cooperation. Against this background, the TANDEM project was launched to involve local authorities more closely in this process. French-German climate protection partnerships like TANDEM support municipalities in their local energy system transformation. The predecessor projects TANDEM I and II had likewise focussed on the implementation of an energy transition week and French-German cooperation in climate protection at the municipal level.

Last update: June 2024