Long-term Climate Planning in Central Eastern Europe – Project Report


According to the EU Governance Regulation, Member States were required to prepare (and submit to the European Commission by 1 January 2020) national long-term strategies (LTS) to present their climate and energy transition pathway, with a perspective of at least 30 years, towards the target of the EU 2050 climate neutrality.

This report summarizes the achievements of the EUKI project Capacity Building for Ambitious Long-Term Strategies, implemented by CAN Europe together with MTVSZ – Friends of the Earth Hungary, Center for Transport and Energy (Czechia) and Institute for Sustainable Development (Poland) that aimed on improving the quality of these long-term decarbonisation strategies in six Central Eastern European countries – Czechia, Hungary, Poland, as well as Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia – by enhancing a multi-stakeholder dialogue on a cross-sectoral approach to long-term planning and developing positive narratives on the co-benefits of climate action and energy transition for the economy and society.

Long-term climate planning in Central Eastern Europe – Project Report

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