Community Energy – A practical guide to reclaiming power


Community energy is key to a decarbonised economy and a crucial step in tackling climate change. Community energy can help rebalance the local and global economy and bridge the gap between urban and rural, north and south, and close the gap between rich and poor — because it empowers local people. Community energy leads to energy democracy, holding the promise of an economy and a society based on cooperation rather than competition.

Friends of the Earth Europe, RESCoop and Energy Cities published an awesome community energy handbook as part of the EUKI project Bringing Germany’s Bürgerenergie to New Regions in Europe. It is a go-to guide, packed with instructions, practical tips and resources how to build a local, community-led renewable energy revolution in Europe.

Community Energy Guide, English version
Community Energy Guide, French version
Community Energy Guide, Greek version
Community Energy Guide, Spanish version
Community Energy Guide, Polish version I
Community Energy Guide, Polish version II
Community Energy Guide, Romanian version