Distribution Grids and Electromobility – Planning and Development


The electrification of the transport sector is one of the most effective and fastest methods of transport decarbonisation. The efficient development of electric vehicles will require well-planned and wisely developed grid infrastructure, which until now has not been adapted to handle such a large scale of new equipment. What does the expansion of electromobility mean for the energy system? How will grids cope with the rapid development of this field and how do we plan their future growth?

This study by Forum Energii analyses several scenarios for the development of electromobility and the impact of their implementation on national distribution grids. As part of the Int-E-Grid EUKI project, it offers an assessment that focuses on the challenges for distribution networks associated with the development of electric transport. The implementation of the discussed scenarios along with the decarbonisation of the energy mix will allow for the reduction of GHG emissions from transport by up to two-thirds by 2050.

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