Policy Report – Putting the ETS 2 and Social Climate Fund to Work


In this policy report, EUKI project Socially Just Carbon Pricing Policies in Central and Eastern Europe has analyzed how just carbon pricing may look in practice and shows relevant impacts, considerations, and opportunities for European Member States.

The report aims to provide policymakers, experts, and other stakeholders with an initial basis of knowledge relevant to the implementation of the ETS 2 and the SCF. The study firstly seeks to unpack the EU policies and related processes to understand the scope, objectives, and obligations of the new mechanisms. It also analyses the potential impact of the carbon price on households across European Member States and illustrates methods to identify patterns of vulnerability in the context of energy and transport poverty. Finally, the report aims to discuss the main considerations in designing and implementing policy measures that leverage the SCF to the benefit of vulnerable households, while accelerating efforts to reach the EU’s climate targets.

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