Climate and Energy Efficiency: We Study the Climate, We Save Energy, We Think of the Future – Volume 1: Climate change and energy efficiency activities in school


Originally published as part of the EUKI project Towards the introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian Schools (TICA) and now translated by BEACON, this publication consists of training materials for teachers of the fifth through seventh grades in Bulgarian schools on the topic of climate change and saving energy. For other countries, the grades of the targeted students might differ depending on the respective education system. The publication is considered as an interdisciplinary (STEM education-based) teachers’ manual for theoretical and practical work in schools on the topics of climate change and energy production and consumption, geography, astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and economics. The publication is structured in two volumes.

This is the first volume, which contains information on all science-related aspects of climate change. Its purpose is to provide teachers with contextual and content information on the topic in a logical and comprehensive manner.