Presentation of the Results of the Pupils’ Conference

How does climate neutrality relate to cultural heritage? How can young people, through a participatory process, provide solutions for today and for the future? For three days in May 2023, a total of 350 children of different ages (10-15 years) from 22 schools in Greece, Germany and the Western Balkans met with a common mission: To build with their ideas a collective vision for the city that they dream and want to live in. This event was one of the modern Mysteries of Transition that took place in Elefsina-Eleusis, European Capital of Culture 2023, where answers were provided to the above and many other questions.

Pupils’ Conference Elefsina. Photo: © Kouskoutis Yiannis


City of Elefsina, 19200 Elefsina

Project Event

25 October 2023

The idea was cultivated through vision workshops before the Conference in each school, became a reality in Elefsina, and has begun its journey of dissemination in Europe, with the hope of inspiring and empowering schools, cities, cultural organizations, and acting as legacy to every local community for climate action.  This has started with an inspirational video – testimony of this experience, a shorter promo video and local events in participating countries.

At a moment when the Municipality, after local elections in Greece, changes hands, the project team, along with Conference participants, bring the experience, methodology and results in an open consultation to the city of Elefsina on the 25th of October, hoping, not only to inspire, but to provoke local action here-and-now.



The event is open to the public, no registration is required.



The language of the event is Greek.



The event’s agenda looks as follows:

17.00 – 18:15 Introduction

18:15 – 18:30  Viewing of the Conference inspirational video

18:30 – 19:15 UNIT 1: METHODOLOGY

  • Round Table: A Remarkable Experience, or a Proposal? Contributors-participants in the Conference present their experience
  • Open consultation: The public discusses and comes up with proposals for the present and the future of educational and participatory social action for climate neutrality.

19:15 – 19:20  Reading of the pupils’ resolution with the vision and proposals for Elefsina

19:20 – 20:10 UNIT 2: RESULTS

  • Round table: A vision on cardboard, or a legacy for action? Representatives of the Municipality and the local community discuss the pupils’ proposals for the city:
  • Open consultation: The public discusses and comes up with proposals for the present and the future of Elefsina.

20:10 – 20:40  Tour of the exhibition of pupils’ work on a Climate Neutral Future

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