Prof. Wolfgang Feist / The “Father” of the Passive House Idea

For the Centre of Passive House conference “Connection of buildings & sustainability”, which took place on 30 November 2021, 18 inspiring video presentations were produced, sharing practical experiences in the preparation and implementation of sustainable architecture, especially in the Czech Republic.

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Published: 09 June 2022

In 2021, the world’s first passive house celebrated its 30th birthday. That was the main reason why among the three foreign speakers of the conference was Prof. Wolfgang Feist.  The “father” of the Passive House standard and the founder of the “Passivhaus Institut” in Darmstadt, Germany. The first passive houses under his leadership were established in 1990. He was at the beginning and implementation of the passive house pilot project in Darmstadt, where he lives. He is dedicated to educating professionals and the public.

With his contribution we started the first topic of our conference “Correct assignment of sustainable architecture – how to combine the principles of sustainability with the overall architectural quality of buildings and urban units without the expense of aesthetic, user or technical values.”

Professor Wolfgang Feist in his video presented goals focused on decarbonization of the building sector, the benefits of the Passive house philosophy, which has been successfully implemented in all continents of the world and has become increasingly popular and important in recent years.

⇒  You can listen to his personal opinion on Sustainability in everyday life.

Another 17 video presentations of the conference speakers, which are stored in the virtual CENTRE, can be viewed free of charge via registration on the conference website. The conference and discussions were held in Czech.

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