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This project is completed. Changing building design in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in order to decrease the building sector’s CO2 emissions.

Buildings Energy Efficiency Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings


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Czech Republic, Slovakia

Project duration:

11/20 - 04/22

Target groups:

Private sector, Associations, National governments, Public sector


258,765.10 €

Contact info


Ľubica Šimkovicová, Dipl.-Ing.

Implementing organisation
  • Passive House Centre


Slovakia and the Czech Republic ambitiously follow the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Yet the progress of the sustainable construction industry is still lagging behind these ambitions. Architects perceive sustainability measures as a burden, investors do not perceive incentives to be sufficient, and the involvement of several ministries impedes efficient communication and implementation. 

Best practice building design: Ecocartier Clichy Batignoles in Paris. Photo: ©Ľubica Šimkovicová


The project was tailored to involve and motivate all actors to contribute to a sustainable construction industry in the target countries. Its activities were designed to reveal barriers in implementing sustainable measures, to specify ways to overcome them, and to motivate stakeholders. More specifically, implementing partners organised four round table meetings and six workshops with experts and stakeholders, two study tours on best practice examples of sustainable buildings and housing stocks, and two international conferences on innovative design and technical solutions. An online platform supported the creation of a productive environment for all actors and ensured access to project outputs. 

Example of a pro climate building in Vauban, Freiburg. Photo: ©Ľubica Šimkovicová


  • In cooperation with the partners, a joint website was created where architects can find examples of best practice. It shows that implementing innovative approaches, materials and technologies in buildings leads to climate neutrality and high-quality architecture (  
  • Building closer cooperation with the Slovak and Czech Chambers of Architects and the members of the Sustainability and Architectural Competitions Working Group within the Chamber.  
  • Manifest2020 signed a memorandum with the Union of Slovak Cities (Únia miest Slovenska UMS). Their aim is to cooperate with each other, in particular for the preparation of educational and advisory activities for cities, the organisation of professional events and partnerships in joint projects.  
  • The Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava agreed to expand on the topics of sustainable urban planning, climate neutral neighbourhoods and renewable energy. 

Last update: July 2024

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