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EUKI Project Interview: Hotels4Climate

For our EUKI brochure we spoke with Anthi Charalambous from Cyprus Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) about the EUKI project Hotels4Climate. The project promotes GHG reduction among hoteliers in Cyprus, Greece and Germany by providing them with the necessary knowledge, support and capacity building.

Wetland Panorama

Deltas & Wetlands – 28th International Scientific Symposium

From 13 to 18 September 2021, the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (DDNI) organized the 28th edition of the international scientific symposium “Deltas & Wetlands”. 500 representatives participated in the hybrid event to discuss the latest research results on climate change mitigation in the Danube Delta.

EUKI Project Interview: Int-E-Grid – Powering Electromobility in Poland and Germany

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Dr. Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera from Forum Energii about the EUKI project Int-E-Grid: Powering Electromobility in Poland and Germany. The aim of the project is to promote and expand electromobility in the two countries by developing recommendations for authorities as well as the business sector.

EUKI Project Interview: Living Streets

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Kinga Kovacs from Energy Cities about the EUKI project Living Streets. The project aims to involve citizens from Greece, Portugal and Croatia in solving energy and climate issues in their communities.

EUKI Project Interview: Smart Climate Cities

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Benno Keppner from adelphi research gGmbH about the EUKI project Smart Climate Cities. The project aims to foster the development of sustainable and climate-friendly smart city concepts by creating a dialogue platform for Baltic and German cities.

Survey: Think European, Act Local?

EUKI project Three4Climate surveyed roughly 800 citizens in Slovenia, Portugal and Germany on their attitudes to climate action. The answers provide a fascinating perspective on the mood regarding climate action locally – and beyond.

EUKI Project-Interview: Municipal Energy Management for Sustainable Climate Financing

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Dragomir Tzanev from the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect about the EUKI project “Municipal Energy Management for Sustainable Climate Finance”. The project develops a model for systematic municipal energy management. The model enables Bulgarian authorities to collect reliable energy-related data and use it for the development of efficient energy and climate action plans.

Wanted: The Best Climate Action Ideas from Hoteliers in the Alpine Region

On 1 September, the second climate action competition “ClimaHost II” was launched. Hotels, hostels, youth hostels, inns, guesthouses or mountain huts from the Alpine region that have implemented exemplary climate action measures and contribute to a sustainable tourism offer can apply.

Power pylons at sunset

EUKI Project Interview: Energy Transformation Debate in CEE

For our EUKI brochure, we spoke with Alexandru Mustata from CEE Bankwatch Network about the EUKI project Energy Transition Dialogue in Central Eastern Europe. The project aims to change political and public narratives in Central and Eastern European countries by highlighting positive perspectives on energy transition opportunities.

EUKI Project Interview: Capacity Building for Ambitious Long-Term Strategies

For our new EUKI brochure we spoke with Kasia Ugryn from Climate Action Network Europe about her EUKI project Capacity Building for Ambitious Long-Term Strategies. The project aims to improve the quality of long-term strategies for decarbonization in the Visegrad 4+2 countries.