212 Energy Scouts trained after two years – a summary

Young Energy Europe

In late 2017, the project Young Energy Europe started in four European countries with the aim of qualifying energy scouts and thus helping companies to cope with climate change. 212 Energy Scouts from almost 90 companies in Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic and Hungary have successfully completed the training.

Renewables & Modern Energy Solutions

Through a series of activities, the project wants to set a new tone on the renewable energy sources (RES) topic among the general public and local decision-makers in the Czech Republic.

The Eco-E.A.R.T.H. Project of YESclima

Students of the YESclima project have developed a proposal for a center, combining environmental education, innovative energy, gardening and plastic recycling, with the motive that all these functions together will have an ecological and environmental-friendly impact on the surrounding area.

EnPover– Alleviating Energy Poverty in Municipalities

By fostering knowledge exchange through workshops and study visits and through creating relevant tools, the project empowers municipal actors.

Interview: Networking and Support in Times of Social Distancing

OER works closely with local municipalities. Within this community there is a lot to do at the moment. The organisation is therefore trying to tailor its support to their specific tasks and requests, reports Leea Mihaila of OER.

Living Streets

The project wants to increase capacities of cities and networks in Greece, Croatia, and Portugal to engage citizens on energy and climate issues.

Cyclurban+: Mobility Change, not Climate Change

To foster cycling in urban transport, Cycleurban+ targets municipal staff and decision-makers as well as institutions at the national level.

Interview: Alternative Formats for Local and Regional Cooperation

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Most planned activities for the BEACON project in Greece had to be cancelled due to the spread of Covid19, says Evi Tzanakaki of CRES.

Reduce, Optimise, Decarbonise: Pathways Towards Sustainable Mobility in Municipalities

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

More than 20 representatives of BEACON municipalities and experts exchanged views on how cities can shape the transition towards sustainable mobility druing a workshop in Kalamata, Greece.