TV show on YESclima (17 July 2019)

Francisco José Sánchez of Cadiz University and the alumni Carmen Parra and José María Piñero presented the project YESClima in the show “El Mirador” of Onda Cádiz TV.

Interview: The Time for Change is Now (BEACON)

In this interview Tomasz Bońdos addresses the impacts of climate change that can already be felt in his community and the need to take urgent climate action.

Interview: Rethinking Climate Change Communication (BEACON)

In this interview Liviu Stanciu conveys the need to employ storytelling when communicating about climate change.

Interview: Collaborative Learning (BEACON)

Marie Peřinková of Prachatice (Czech Republic) speaks about the importance of exchanging with other BEACON municipalities and stakeholders.

Interview: Joining Forces to Address Climate Action (BEACON)

João Mourato addresses the need to bring a variety of stakeholders together to make a difference on climate action.

Interview: Better Together – Being Part of a Network (BEACON)

Ilias Savvakis addresses the importance of promoting climate action within a European network at the BEACON conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

Interview mit Alexandra Bussler

Interview: Linking Climate Action at Different Levels (BEACON)

In this interview, Alexandra Bussler talks about the need to link climate action at different levels of governance.

The magazine ECO123 gives insights to climate action on the local level and presents the work of the EUKI project BEACON and its partner municipalities.

Project Video: Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Project Video: Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

The EUKI project “Bridging European and Local Climate Action” (BEACON) promotes climate action and facilitates an exchange between national governments as well as 34 municipalities and 57 schools in Europe. This video presents BEACON’s first conference in Heidelberg, Germany, which brought together experts and representatives of the municipalities participating in the project to exchange on challenges and solutions to local climate action.

Video production: Anna Maria Link, adelphi
Camera: Simon Höhne
Video editing: Martin Hueber, Faimount Pictures

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Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Avoid, Reduce, Substitute – Climate Action in the School Canteen

How much do school canteens influence our climate? This and other questions were discussed at the CLIKIS final conference in Kraków, Poland.