Just Transition in the Car Industry

The project “Just Transition in the Car Industry” sets a just transition of the car industry in Central Europe in notion by combing climate change mitigation with social justice.

Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance

The project “Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance” enables local and regional governments in the Alpe-Adria-Region to decarbonise their transport systems.

Closing Gaps in the Passenger Transport Policy Framework

The project “Closing Gaps in the Passenger Transport Policy Framework” improves the transport policy frameworks in Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania to reduces emissions in the sector.

Sustainable Mobility on the Way to School: Sample Projects from Germany and the Czech Republic

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

In many places it is nowadays common for parents to drive their children to school every day. This creates traffic in front of schools, which leads to unsafe situations, noise, and emissions that are harmful to health and climate. EUKI project BEACON’s partner cities Pirna (Germany) and Písek (Czech Republic) addressed this problem in a handbook.

The publication “Sustainable Mobility on the Way to School” by Guidehouse deals with alternative mobility concepts for the way to school for children. The concepts presented are intended to help reduce car traffic and, among other things, strengthen children’s sense of responsibility towards the environment.