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Children stand in a meadow and look to a woman. In the foreground: the word “Promoting” pops up on a blue background. Three lines connect the word to fields with “Dialogue”, “Capacity Building” and “Good Practice”.screenshot/ Youtube

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

Our video gives a brief introduction to the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and presents the objectives, instruments as well as selected project examples.

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EUKI Info Day – 7th Call for Project Proposals

This video will give interested organisations an overview of the current selection procedure and will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the call and application process.

EUKI Community Film

This video illustrates the diversity of the EUKI Community, reflects its spirit and presents a variety of countries where EUKI projects are implemented.

EUKI Projects and Municipalities

The video shows what municipalities can do for climate using two EUKI projects as examples.

EUKI Projects and Climate Awareness

With this video, EUKI shares an inside look into two projects raising awareness for climate change.

Financial Implementation of an EUKI Project

This video explains in three minutes what you need to know about the financial implementation of an EUKI project.

EUKI Info Day – 5th Call for Proposals

This Video is a recording of the Info Day on the 5th EUKI Call and offers an overview of the current selction procedure.

Save the Earth (BEACON)

The “energy educators”, eleventh graders from Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, give tips on how to save the earth.

EUKI’s Selection Procedure

This video briefly explains the selection procedure of EUKI.

EUKI’s 5th Call for Project Ideas is open

Submit your project proposal by 19 January 2021 and become part of the EUKI Community!

Project Video: The Bulgarian climate action bike cinema explained

How can we teach energy efficiency practically? This video shows the bike cinema, an idea by BEACON partner NTEF.