TANDEM Initiative – Franco-German Exchange for Local Sustainable Transition

Providing the unique opportunity for French and German municipalities to jointly drive positive change in local climate and energy policy through exchange and the creation of climate action partnerships.

Climate Policy


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France, Germany

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04/22 - 04/24

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Local Governments


132,726.00 €

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Jenny-Claire Keilmann

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  • Energy Cities


In a united Europe, it is crucial to establish strategic partnerships with other countries in order to develop a shared understanding and achieve common goals towards local sustainable transition. The Franco-German partnership plays a key role in developing and promoting European climate policies. Therefore, cooperation between France and Germany must take place on various levels, including mutual exchange and joint actions between local authorities of both countries to promote sustainable practices. Furthermore, these measures contribute to highlighting the important role local authorities play in advancing climate action.

Workshop on sufficiency in urban planning 2022, Photo: ©Climate Alliance


In cooperation with the European city networks Energy Cities and Climate Alliance, the TANDEM initiative focuses on the development, facilitation, and evaluation of climate protection partnerships. Building on its preceding project, the Tandem initiative provides support through professional exchange and joint project development. In practice, this means bringing together municipalities and other relevant actors from Germany and France who are involved in municipal climate protection to not only support the implementation of concrete and exemplary cooperation projects but also facilitate cross-border exchange in order to advance both countries in energy and climate policy. Moreover, the project facilitates the incorporation of new partnerships into cooperation by conducting various publications, such as brochures on how to set up a partnership, best practice examples as well as advice on how to sustain the collaboration. Furthermore, the project aims to regularly publish articles that highlight inspiring actions of already existing partnerships. Additionally, the TANDEM Initiative emphasises the promotion of Franco-German professional exchange by offering regular online seminars, holding an annual TANDEM workshop, and sharing expertise on specific topics. Finally, the project aims to conduct a Franco-German political exchange that integrates European perspectives.

Last update: July 2024