Business models, administrative requirements and financing sources for the development of integrated solar systems


Solar installations are particularly interesting in Slovenia and Croatia as both countries have average to high solar irradiation levels on their territory. Solar power plants are making fast progress in the renewable market of both countries as they are more and more commercially viable and have an upturn in national laws and regulations.

This report from “Zelena Energetska Zadruga” produced within the framework of the EUKI-project “Solar Adria” aims to provide the descriptions of available business models readily available for integrated solar systems (for public and private stakeholders); with comparison between different models. It provides a step-to-step guide for project development (including administrative steps). The publication lists currently applicable laws and regulations and available funding sources for different business models.

Who are the end-users of this service?

  • Citizens and companies (Private)
  • Municipalities (Public)

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